Why Shacz?

I am Bart Rogers! Welcome to my blog. I finished high school in the late 90s, when massive wallet chains were in fashion. I often wore multiple, which produced a shackling sound everywhere I went. Hence I earned the nickname ‘Shacz’. Even nearly 2 decades on, I’m still referred to by that name (friends refuse to let it go).

I was an investment banker until 2015, when I decided that I’d had enough sleepless nights. I was always heavily involved in the nightlife scenes, be it in Australia (where I studied) or around ASEAN (where I used to work). Since I have a lot of spare time these days, I’ve created this personal blog to share things I find interesting (mostly entertainment and lifestyle related stuff).

I’m an avid traveller and nightlife connoisseur. I also love discussing about business concepts and ideas.

I have a deep sense of belonging in both Australia and Malaysia, where I’m based out of predominantly.

This blog is mostly for my friends and associates to see what I’m up to. Feel free to reach out!