Nootropics, then and now

This post diverges from my usual topics on entertainment. In this post, I’ll dive into nootropics and finance, both of which I used to partake in. It will be a throwback to my glory days.

I recently took an interest in the topic of nootropics, since a couple of my juniors asked about my thoughts on it. For context, I was formerly in investment banking and finance, where my juniors are still working, and where the usage of substances to stay focused and awake was and still is commonplace.

Inevitably, during peak season or while executing a live deal, people in finance need to pull all nighters. It is very normal for details to change the night before a big presentation. To top it off, bankers need to stay focused while running on little to no sleep. In the old days (90s and 00s), finance professionals used to resort to harder stuff like coke and derivatives of meth.

After doing a little research and through conversations with present day finance and legal professionals, there are plenty of other equally effective and less damaging choices available these days. One of famous ones is Modafinil, a substance that is recommended for sleep deprived individuals like shift workers or narcoleptic patients. Modafinil is all the rage because of its apparent lack of side effects.

Most interestingly, it is semi-legal in most countries, with no regulations specifically mentioning it in Malaysia. Modafinil is easily purchased online from sites like this one. With each tablet priced around the same as a coffee, and its effects on energy levels being much longer and higher, it’s no wonder this is the substance of the current generation of sleep deprived professionals.

Interestingly enough, nootropics like piracetams and derivatives of meth are still used, but rarely, and most of the people I’ve talked to have indicated that coke is no longer used. Times are definitely changing. It seems that the new substance of choice is Modafinil. I think it’s a positive thing that the harder stuff is rarely if ever used these days. New substances are being discovered everyday that promise to give us the upside with none of the risks.

I am a relic. My days of pulling all nighters are behind me. I’m not complaining about that. I do hope that the new generation of bankers will take care so as not to abuse Modafinil though.

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