5 Places In Australia That Are Overrated

Australia is a great country full of beautiful natural sights but some places are overrated and do not live up to the hype. Here are five places in Australia that are overrated.

1. Bondi Beach

Although Bondi Beach is a great beach near Sydney, it is not the best beach in Australia. This beach is filled with tens of thousands of tourists visiting every single day. This beach is only 15 minutes away from the CBD in Sydney and this beach’s reputation is improved by young people who choose the beach’s surrounding village for their cafes, design studios and artisanal pubs.


Instead of being a National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of Old and New Art is an anti-establishment gallery opened by a provocateur who got his fortune playing poker. One of the most famous installations here is a machine existing to imitate the human digestive system.

3. Cairns

This place is a gateway to some of the greatest natural wonders in Queensland- the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree National Park, Barron Gorge National Park and Cape Tribulation. All these natural beauties which are a short drive or a cruise away are extremely affordable for everyone including backpackers.

4. Uluru

This place is known for the luminescent pink rays of light that crawl amazingly over this great desert attraction. However, visiting this area comes with a price to pay which are the heat, flies, swarm of tourists and the dull town of Alice Springs. People should visit this place to see the big rock and the collection of smaller rocks on the road known as Kata Tjuta.

5. Canberra

This Australian capital always gets good reviews from visitors such as “This place is better than what I expected!”. Visitors often come to this place with very low expectations of what this place should be like. This place has museums, cafe culture and government culture but these things can be found in any parts of Australia.

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