11 things we love about Aussies

Been missing Australia increasingly so lately, so here I am for two weeks. Just some fun things I’ve observed that are true that make these folks so endearing:

1. Australians are irreverent

Australians are generally very open-minded and cheeky in the sense that they criticise anyone they like regardless of whether it is their boss or a politician.

2. Egalitarian culture

Australians believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities. This is seen in its support for publicly funded education and healthcare systems.

3. Australians suffer from ‘tall poppy syndrome’

Australians belittle others for their perceived wealth, success or status as they prefer underdogs.

4. Diverse culture

Australia is a multicultural society made up of European, Asian and African immigrants as well as the locals.

5. Australia is one of the oldest surviving civilisation

Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander have already existed for 60,000 years and they make up 2.8% of the population today which is around 650,000 people.

6. Australians love eating kangaroo

There are approximately 50 million kangaroos living in Australia which is about twice the human population there. Australians generally enjoy kangaroo meat as well in the form of steaks or sausages.

7. Drinking

Australians love drinking alcohol due to the country’s wonderful wineries as well as the flourishing brewery scene. Australians consume an average of about 12.2 litres of alcohol per capita each year.

8. Sports

Australia has a variety of different sports ranging from tennis, Formula One, football as well as cricket making it a sports paradise.

9. Beaches

Australians love beaches so generally most Australians live near beach areas.

10. Tolerant

Australians are generally very tolerant towards people of different cultures and beliefs to the point that most Australians agreed with legalising same-sex marriage.

11. ‘The Lucky Country’

Australia is known as ‘The Lucky Country’ due to its good climate, stable political system and abundance of natural resources.

Think I’m missing anything? Feel free to add to the list!