10 Reasons Why You Should Move To Malaysia

Moving to another country requires one to adapt to the culture, weather, system, language and food. These things will never be easy. I have no regrets moving back to Malaysia – it’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here are 10 reasons why you should move to Malaysia.

1. The economic and political situation here is stable

The economic and political situation in Malaysia has been stable for many years already. Although the current global economic conditions have not been so good, the economic condition of Malaysia will not worsen.

2. Infrastructure

The infrastructure in Malaysia consists of a world-class airport, a modern capital city as well as excellent road networks that are consistently being improved. Malaysia is also committed to becoming a leading IT hub in the Asian region.

3. Property ownership

Foreigners choosing to buy properties in Malaysia can purchase as many residential homes as they want including freehold over RM500,000. Obtaining a loan locally is also possible as certain companies allow you to rent your home and help take proper care of it while you are away.

4. Safety and health

The crime rate in Malaysia is lower than the ones in most Western countries. The healthcare treatment here is also world-class and cost less than the ones in other countries.

5. Natural beauty

Malaysia is one of the countries in Asia that is the least populated. Apart from that, Malaysia also has lots of unspoilt countryside areas like jungles, hill stations, tropical islands, beaches, flora and fauna as well as wildlife.

6. Food

The local Malaysian cuisine is made up of Malay, Chinese and Indian food. There are also other restaurants offering foods from different parts of the world.

7. The people and the language

Malaysians are generally very warm, friendly and welcoming. Apart from that, most Malaysians speak English so there isn’t any hassle for foreigners wanting to get around Malaysia.

8. The weather

Although Malaysia may be hot and humid, most of the homes, cars and shopping areas in Malaysia are air-conditioned so those wanting to escape the heat and humidity can visit these areas. Malaysia is also not the hottest country in the world.

9. Cost of living

Those living on pension from developed countries will discover that Malaysia provides a higher standard of living than their original countries. Money sent from abroad is not taxed as well. This makes living in Malaysia very attractive.

10. Shopping and other entertainment

Malaysia has a lot of different markets, shopping malls and supermarkets selling a variety of different products to people such as designer labels, low-priced products and imported foodstuffs. There are also movie theatres, bars, clubs, satellite TVs, newspapers and magazines for those who love entertainment.

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